Welcome to Kaia of L.A.—a blog about our lifestyle, educational, and training journey with Kaia, the “project” dog we adopted in June 2017.

What’s A “Project” Dog?

At its core, a “project” dog is an untrained dog—or sometimes an incorrectly trained dog. This type of dog merits a long-term commitment to achieve success. But with the right combination of time and patience, most “project” dogs can be shaped into well-behaved canine citizens.

Project dogs aren’t for everyone, however, and that’s okay!

Who’s Kaia?

Kaia is a mixed breed dog. She came into our lives quite suddenly and with more behavioral issues than we could have expected. Since then, it’s been an investment in research and endless trial-and-error training to get Kaia where she is today.

Why A Blog?

I’m a writer, and writing is how I express myself. This blog details my journey from believing I knew enough about dogs to raise one, to discovering I knew absolutely nothing at all. I’ve since been thrown head-first into an ocean of learning. There’s so much information—and misinformation—to be found. I’m trying to make sense of it all and carve my way to a balanced life with my dog.

But also, taking on a challenging dog can, and is, a lonely, frustrating situation. By sharing my experience, I hope to encourage others facing similar struggles.

Where To Start?

Some hot topics to explore:

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